Takmaad Pharma Chemistry

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials (Takmaad )

Takmaad, Manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Takmaad, Manufacturer of APIs for hemodialysis solution
Takmaad, Manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients
Takmaad, Provider of Pharmaceutical Consulting Services

Product Namechemical formulaStandard
Potassium chlorideKClUSP-BP
Magnesium Chloride HexahydrateMgCl2.6H2OUSP-BP
Zinc sulfate hepta hydrate
Zinc sulfate monohydrateZnSO4.H2OUSP-BP
Aluminum Substate (Aluminum hydroxide acetate hydrate)AlOH(CH2COO)2.xH2OIn-House

About us

Takmaad, Our Company, is one of the pharmaceutical raw material manufacturers in Iran. The Company has been capable of producing products mentioned in GMP certificate, using capabilities of its experienced chemist experts. We have also some other products under development in R+D unit, which will be soon introduced to the market.
Takmaad Company has provided the best possible quality necessary for pharmaceutical industries, compatible with BP and USP standards, using experienced expert personnel, fully stainless steel equipment, air condition, clean room, chemical and microbial labs (equipped with necessary tools and equipment's) and following all GMP and documentation principles at QA unit, so that it’s products have even been approved and used at pharmaceutical injection industries nowadays.
All products have the manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health and have the best possible quality required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Takmaad Company Goals